Heikedaira 平家平, Kanmuriyama 冠山 Day Hike

Have you ever heard The Tale of the Heike or the Genpei war? On April 25th 1185 the Genji clan fleet defeated the Taira (aka Heike)-clan fleet in the Shimonoseki Strait. This was part of a long war waged across Japan to gain control of the Imperial court. After their defeat, members of the Taira clan are... Continue Reading →

Mt. Shiraga 白髪山 (本山町) Day Hike

This is a 4.3km day hike to Mt. Shiraga (白髪山, 1469m) starting in Motoyama-cho (本山町) in Kochi, Shikoku and finishing at the same place. There are quite a number of mountains in Japan with this name. There are two or three main paths you can take to reach the top of this hike. We took... Continue Reading →

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