Gear Packing Guide

This information is intended for those participating on SHAG day and overnight hikes. It’s recommended that you do your own research to make sure you are prepared. For information about what to wear see the “What to Wear” guide.

Day Hike Gear List
Group Items/Leader At LEAST one member of the group should have these items however the more members that carry these the better.

  • First Aid Kit with First Aid Book
  • Printed 10m contour Interval map of hike area
  • Printed copy of route plan
  • Magnetic compass
  • Emergency Space Blanket
  • Emergency Shelter (Tarp or Tent)
Basics Each individual should carry these items.

  • Water 1-2L of water depending on hike and weather
  • Weather protection (Sunscreen, lip balm, sunglasses, insect repellent)
  • Food (Snacks for morning/afternoon tea,   high-energy trail mix, lunch plus extra ‘emergency’ food)
  • Paper copy of hike map (Print from Pre-Hike Page)
  • Head Lamp or Torch (Day hikes should return before nightfall however in the event of injury or unexpected events the hike may not return until after dark
  • Day pack with waterproof cover -and/or-
  • Dry bags 5L, 10L, or 20L (or plastic bags)
  • Toileting kit (Toilet paper, hand sanitizer, hygiene products, trowel) in waterproof bag
Other Items shared by a small group or carried by an individual.

  • Personal first aid kit and medication
  • Magnetic Compass
  • Utensils (chopsticks, knife, cup, plate, bowl)
  • Tool Kit (Pocket knife or multi-tool, matches)
  • Mobile phone (with Backup GPS App, group member contacts and emergency numbers saved)
  • Pea-less whistle (when separated from the group or lost)

Optional items

  • Trekking poles
  • Camera
Overnight Hike Gear List
Sleeping and Eating Some items can be shared in pairs or small groups.

  • Tent (lightweight, can be split between 2)
  • Sleeping mat (compressable lightweight airmats are ideal)
  • Sleeping bag (3 seasons or 4 seasons in winter)
  • Inflateable pillow (can roll jacket as alternative)
  • Dinner/Overnight food
  • Portable gas cooker per pair, or group of 4
  • Gas canister for cooker
  • KITCHEN KIT – Knife, bowl, fry pan/pot, chopsticks or fork/spoon, lighter or matches, cleaning cloth, diswashing soap, hand sanitizer
  • Journal/pen or pencil
  • Cards or activities

By splitting some items among the group (tent poles, kitchen equipment, cooker etc) you can share weight around and have more space for gear. Some items need to be carried by each member of the group. For information about what to wear see the clothing guide.

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