Hijiri Shrine, Ochi-cho 聖神社越知町 Short Hike

A hidden shrine, tunnel, bridges and waterfalls await you on this short half-day hike in Ochi-town (越知町), Kochi Prefecture. If you find yourself nearby and have half a day to spare be sure to check this place out. Your navigation app will get you so far but according to Google Maps the last section of the road doesn't... Continue Reading →

Kurozou Marshlands 黒沢湿原 and Tabinoshiri Waterfall たびの尻滝 Half Day Hike

The Kurozou Marshland (Kurozou Shitsugen or 黒沢湿原) is a marshland located in the mountains above Miyoshi City. My first impression when driving into the area was that it reminded me of some place I'd been before perhaps in the USA near Yellowstone (although I couldn't quite put my finger on it). Other parts of the... Continue Reading →

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