Quick Info: Mt. Kunimi 国見山

Mt. Kunimi 国見山, 1409m) near Oboke, Tokushima borders the Iya Valley (overlooking the famous Pissing Manikin) and is accessible by car. The hike is fairly gradual however there are a few short steep sections. At the top you’ll find an emergency shelter, if you wish to stay the night, a shrine and a beautiful grassy area (nice for a picnic).

Key Information

Trail-head: Konpira Shrine 金比羅神社, Oboke, Tokushima (Google Map link)
Difficulty: Fitness (Grade 1: Easy) Technical (Grade 1: Easy) – The area is isolated so make sure you’re carrying everything you need including a first aid kit and water.

Please see Outdoor Club Japan’s Event Grading Page for more information

Hike length: 2-3 hours return

Oboke Tourism site – http://oboke.info/awakunimi

Hike report (Japanese) – http://mukya.com/tozan/kunimi.html

Yamareco hike report (Japanese) – https://www.yamareco.com/modules/yamainfo/ptinfo.php?ptid=13127

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