Surfing in Kochi Prefecture

The south-west area of Kochi Prefecture around Shimanto City and Cape Ashizuri is a great location if you’re looking to do some surfing or take a lesson. Ukibuchi Beach (浮鞭ビーチ), Hirano Beach ( 平野サーフビーチ) and Ohki Beach (大岐) are all located conveniently nearby.

Recently in late October we visited Kuroshio town near Shimanto City with a group of Kochi English teachers. We spent the weekend at the camp ground there (土佐西南大規模公園入野松原キャンプ場). While the air temperature is starts to get a little colder around then the water was warm and the weather was spectacular. It’s a great place to catch an amazing sunrise over the sea and sunset over the mountains

The nearby hata Surf Dojo can provide all the stuff you need to get surfing. Board hire, wet-suit hire and surf lessons. They also provide accommodation options which you can see on their website.

Hata Surf Dojo run lessons from May through to November. The course for beginners: ¥5,000 for two hours per person.
Inquiries: Bruce Dillon (in English and Japanese)
3570-1 Ukibuchi Kuroshio-cho
TEL:0880-43-3309 /Mobile:090-1576-4489
Check the website for more information!

Photo credit - Piper O'Dowd
Photo credit – Piper O’Dowd

Useful Links

Hata Surf Dojo –

Kochi Tourism Website –

Ukibuchi Beach Surf Cam –

Camp Ground –

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