Kuishiyama 工石山 Easy Day Hike

Not to be confused with the nearby (and more remote) mountain of the same name (see my Oku-Kuishiyama report), Kuishiyama is a 1176.4m peak located in the mountains north of Kochi city on the border with Tosa-cho. If you’re looking for an easy half-day hike not too far from the city, that has beautiful scenery and is manageable for children, then Kuishiyama is for you. Kuishiyama is popular with school groups and people from Kochi city because despite its small size it offers a surprisingly large number of trails (anywhere from 2 1/2 to 4 1/2 hours).

Trailhead: The hike starts at this location north of Kochi city in Tosayama at 高知市工石山青少年の家 . If you’re coming from the north side of Shikoku take the Otoyo interchange and head west along Route 439 through Motoyama and Tosa-cho before heading south towards Kochi city on the 16. From Kochi city, simply take Route 16 north out of the city (be aware, Route 16 is a small, windy inaka road which may be snowy in winter).
Meeting point/Supply Point: From the north it’s best to buy your food whilst in Tosa-cho at the Suehiro supermarket or the Lawson conbini. From Kochi buy your food before you leave the city.

Course Information
Estimated hike time: 2 and a 1/2 hrs (short course) 4 hrs (long course)
Fitness (Grade 1: Easy) Technical (Grade 1: Easy) – All sections of this hike are rated as easy with the only difference being the length of the trails. There are a few sections off the main tracks (marked with danger ‘危ない’ signs) where there are sheer cliff edges (watch the kiddies). There are wooden signs but none of them are in English, so take note of the kanji to make sure you head the right way.
See Outdoor Club Japan’s Event Grading Page for more information

Post-Hike Report
There is no post hike report for this one. Drive to the start point, park your car, look at the big-ass map, and walk to the top.

Packing and Preparation
Day Hike Pack List
What to Wear Guide
Food Packing Guide

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